Seal Software Contract Discovery and Analytics helps companies maximize revenue opportunities and reduce expenses and costs associated with contractual documents, systems and processes.

Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics is rapidly deployed and locates existing contractual documents wherever they may reside within an organization, automatically extracting key contractual terms and clauses, rendering them for easy review, and populating corporate repositories including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and more.

Seal Contract Analytics is a dynamic system that discovers and informs users of revenue opportunities, expenses and costs hidden within contractual obligations. Seal Contract Analytics empowers clients to teach the system beyond standard data extraction to meet their unique needs by discovering particular language and clause combinations that are most relevant to their business.

Contract Analytics represents the next step in contractual document management– extracting specific contract language, non-standard clauses detection and clause combinations specific to customer industry, type of contract and geographic location.


Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics represents the ‘single source of the truth,’ used to process in-bound and out-bound contracts, audit the enterprise for rogue contracts and provide a single search, reporting and migration tool for regulatory, transactional and strategic purposes.

Market Leading Solutions

Seal Contract Discovery was recently reviewed by the influential Spend Matters blog:

‘… A disruptive approach to contract visibility and management…a solution that every company of some size needs, no matter what they already have…a revolutionary way to really understand what is in contracts…potentially two full development cycles ahead of what is out in the market.’

Seal Contract Discovery and Contract Analytics functionality provides compelling point solutions for the LPO contract abstraction industry, internal audit, procurement outsourcing, contract due diligence for M&A, and contract migration. The current wave of governance/compliance, particularly in the financial services sector (FCA, MiFID, Dodd-Frank) is driving complete audits of enterprise contracts.


Seal Software is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Reading, UK, and Gothenburg, Sweden.  Seal customers include global companies based in the North America, Europe, UK, and the Middle East.

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